Performance Requirements

Big Wow has a few requirements for performance that are necessary to ensure a memorable performance.

  • Minimum Band Footprint is 18' W x 16' D
  • 20-amp power source exclusive to band use
    • NO other vendors or attached electronics
    • Properly grounded
  • Facility access 3 hours prior to guest arrival
  • Regular event meals (not vendor meals)
  • Outdoor events: complete shade for equipment and arists

Standard Wedding Reception

Most wedding packages are for the reception only with ceremony service a separate add-on.

A reception package cover up to 5.5 hours of service and includes:

  • Big Wow band for a 3-hour performance
  • Complete music with MP3/DJ service during non-band periods
  • MC duties for announcements: Introductions, first dances, cake cutting, etc
  • Wireless microphone for toasts

Product / Service #3

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